Playing non-stop breakbeat, jungle, rave &c.
Welcome to Break Glass and Climb onto Tracks

Now broadcasting(?) across the third and along the fourth in beautiful 32kbs mpeg Avalable 24/7 in the player below!
Proudly supported by Ozone-Value Holdings.

Radio player

The station

Break Glass and Climb onto Tracks runs on a scavenged computer.
The tracks are sourced from internet, via recomendation. It runs on a custom liquidsoap script, powered by SQlite, with pages (such as this one) dependent on PHP. Care has been taken to remove all Javascript from the station.

I have a few old scavenged solar pannels and a cheap car inverter. One day i would love to hook them up to the station, similar to LOW TECH MAGAZINE

We are more than happy to take recomendations. The only criteria is what YOU, and then ultimately ME, think of the song. Does it fit the station sound?
If you are a label owner and have been given a key, you can find the database here.